Background Noises (Radio)

from by Shelley Segal



Lifted from her Strange Feeling EP (released May 2015), Background Noises is a blissfully lush and layered song, full of strings, keys and horns.

Background Noises shows a more vulnerable and delicate side to the prolific and often opinionated singer songwriter. Written after the divorce of close friends and trying to imagine the situation from their perspective, Shelley explains, “The chorus seems to mean something different to me each time I sing it. Sometimes a shock, a deep loss, a painful reminder, an acceptance, a coming to terms with, a finality, a longing, an assertiveness, a future, a determinedness. As such a change would at different times of reflection. It's not just a love or relationship lost but a physical place - a space and time that was all encompassing and is now gone.”


What happened to
All the background noises that told me I was home?
I used to carry them in my ears
But now inside my head it’s all alone

I took your sound-track off my shelf
I’m making room for somebody else
It’s your colour coating I’d like to forget
And be somebody else’s

What happened to these walls
What’s down these corridors that I don’t recognize
What happened to our bed
The place we laid our head for over ten years

I took your sound-track off my shelf
I’m making room for someone else
It’s your colour coating I’d like to forget
And be someone else’s


from Strange Feeling, released May 8, 2015
Written by Shelley Segal
Produced and arranged by Robert Upward
Co-produced and mixed by Lindsay Gravina
Recorded at Birdland Studios
Engineered by Brenton Conan
Mastered at West West Side Music by Alan Douches
All vocals Shelley Segal
Acoustic guitar – Shelley Segal
Strings arranged by Xani Kolac
Horns arranged by Tibor Gyapjas.
Violin and electric violin - Xani Kolac.
Viola - Leah Zweck
Cello – Blair Harris
Piano – Luke Howard
Bass – Rod Bustos
Drums – Mark Leahy
Percussion – Nic Noble
Trumpet - Tibor Gyapjas
Sax – Paul Williamson
Electric guitar – Robert Upward




Shelley Segal Melbourne, Australia

An artist, an activist & an explicit story-teller, Shelley uses her music not only to express the way she sees the world, but to create the world that she wants to see.

“Thoughtful lyrics celebrating life, love, and reason” –Julia Burke

Desirous of all expressions, Shelley flirts with elements of jazz, folk, pop, blues, reggae & electronica, imparting a pure joy about music & it’s power.
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